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At Auscare Collect, we humanise the process of debt recovery. We encourage our clients to reach for solutions that work for them. Start with an intention to take back control of your business’s finances and empower your enterprise.

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Humanising the face of debt recovery

Businesses run on people. Our people-centric approach addresses your goals with the tailored debt recovery and debt collection services we offer.

Our proactive solutions go beyond the simple ‘notice-and-court’ approach. We work with you to examine your previous actions, your current opportunities and your future goals before charting the right course of debt help.

For comprehensive debt recovery across Australia, contact our professional experts and let’s make a plan for your most profitable year without the burden of debt.



Telephone Collections

Telephone debt collections are one of the most effective tools for engagement, forming an instant link between your customer and our team of debt help professionals.

Successful recoveries of overdue payments require a skilled combination of transparency, expertise and negotiation. We take the time to understand each individual’s financial obligations, explain the ramifications of non-payment and stay firm on the parameters our clients require. With respect, dignity and empathy, we help your clients get back on track, catalysing your business’s cashflow as a result.


From first demand to pre-litigation, our debt collection letters follow a firm structure that operates on transparency, outlining the terms of your customer’s obligations and how they can get right back on track with the required repayment amounts.

Our letters are comprehensive and clear, balancing a concise tone with language that encourages further discussion. Throughout the process, however, our team at Auscare Collect focuses on procuring full payment first, as a priority, before offering a payment arrangement.

SMS & Email

Instead of missing calls, multiply your contact efforts and get in touch with your customers where they already live, through mobile devices and desktops, via text and email.

Our powerful, automated SMS and email sequences prompt your customer to make direct contact, making debt recovery more effective. From highly customised language on special accounts to bulk communications using SMS & email, our outreach technology leaves no stone unturned, ensuring we’ve had the chance to offer debt help through multiple means.

Skip tracing

When performing debt recovery, skip tracing is a necessary part of the process. Often, your customers might end up moving or changing physical addresses.

Locating customers who have moved from their original addresses is a specialised task that calls for an investigative eye, detail-oriented research and time. At Auscare Collect we data wash all files referred, providing in-depth information and using sophisticated, data-supported search resources to assist us when locating your missing customers. Our aim is to ensure that any and every customer fulfils their financial obligation.

Field Calls

As part of our telephone outreach and skip tracing efforts, we also work to outsource field calls to a national leader in their field.

Professional field agents are effective in assessing the individual’s situation and gauging their potential ability to repay the debt. We work with all field agents as they gather comprehensive information, ensuring that the team at Auscare Collect can offer the right strategy for your debt collection.

Legal Services

We provide sound legal recommendations on files that have exhausted all recovery opportunity. Keeping your goals for debt recovery in mind, we’ll assess the factors involved when trying to reach a particular result through legal action.

We partner with a skilled legal firm, which has allowed us to outline the best courses of action at your disposal. We’ll only escalate this strategy and refer the file matter if we’re sure there is a high chance for a positive outcome, securing your ability to recover the debt at some stage.




Get your students on the path to sustainable and manageable financial aid through an education debt management plan that works for each individual. We work with your school’s financial aid department to provide equally as simple and sustainable repayment terms, ensuring that overdue payments are over before you know it. Our service effectively returns students on their academic path to success.


Health is wealth, as they say, and our people-first approach to debt recovery helps your health care facility work with the most highly-sensitive and vulnerable patients who are receiving care but also need to keep up with their unpaid invoices. Using great empathy, transparency and sensitivity, our team acts quickly and effectively, guiding punctual payments between patients and medical facilities.

  • Government

    Helping individuals stay in the black and facilitating debt collection for various government departments is just one of the ways our people-first debt help services are changing the way individuals are taking control of their financial future. By taking the time to understand their area, their unique situations and their community obligations, we make the process of collecting easy, cost-efficient, timely and empathetic.

  • Commercial

    Successful commercial debt recovery calls for an understanding of the business, its products and services offered. We ensure that invoice debt collection is a positive experience and a consistent process of repayment for all parties involved. Our team of professional operators first works to gain insight and business intelligence so that we can address issues upfront, ultimately resolving repayments efficiently.

  • Consumer

    Our unique, people-first approach to debt collection makes consumer recoveries entirely manageable with strategic debt help. Our proactive approach helps individuals avoid litigation, working with their current financial resources. Our technology and expertise allow us to manage high volume accounts in the banking, finance and essential services sector. We manage your customers and ensure a reliable experience of repayment.

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